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The King County Coalition on Racial Disproportionality is a group of professionals and community leaders representing more than 40 organizations in child welfare, the courts and legal systems, public and private agencies, community members and other community stakeholders in King County, Washington serving youth and families who partner to eliminate the racial disproportionality and disparity that exists in our state’s child welfare system.   

Racial Disproportionality is defined as the overrepresentation of children of color in the child welfare system compared to their numbers in the general population. Across the country, children of color enter and remain in the child welfare system at rates greater than their proportions in the population.

Racial Disparity in the child welfare system refers to the treatment and services provided to children of color compared to white children. Children of color in the child welfare system do not have equitable access to culturally appropriate services and supports delivered by culturally competent and sensitive staff and service providers.

How You and the Community Can Help  

Our mission is to provide education and public advocacy 
   that support the reduction of disproportionality in the child welfare system.